Live Performance Information

Audio guidelines for performances on The Morning Brew with friends

The performance area/stage is about 12×12. Keep in mind that we run a live show that begins at 7am. Call time is at 6:15 and we try to be set up by 6:15am. We will ask bands to be the “house band” for the day to play us out to commercial.

Please have two songs prepared for your interview segment. One song will be performed during the segment and the other will play us out to commercial break.

Only 4 input channels maximum.

Simple acoustic is preferred.

Acoustic guitar
Hand percussion
Small Bass amp or
Small guitar amp or keyboard

Complete and submit the show prep form with a summary of the performance including the specific instruments and number of musicians/performers. Performers should arrive to the studio by 6:15am so that we can go over the set up with our floor director, Lee Padilla.

Contact Lee at and his phone number is 505-249-3598 if the band has any further questions.

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