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pollysjoan marieThe TechCo ABQ Demo Night runs 7-9:30 PM on Thursday, March 26th at the El Rey Theater as part of a downtown “Night of Innovation”. Cost is $10 and sunup is at

20 leading Albuquerque companies bring jobs to out-of-school and unemployed young adults (May 12, 2016 – Albuquerque, NM) – As part of the national effort to promote skills based hiring, Innovate+Educate, a national nonprofit founded and located in New Mexico, announced the Job-Ready-Hire Fair slated for Thursday, May 19th at Isotopes Park in Albuquerque.
We’re talking with an organizer from Polly’s Run about how you take part in raising money and awareness for pancreatic cancer research.
Joan Marie’s in for a special Monday morning edition of #trending!
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