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Weekly Schedule 7/2 – 7/8 2017

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uABQtv Weekly Schedule (6/25 – 7/1)

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We Love Local

Everything we make is in the service of representing the community, their passions and curiosities. Whether it’s educational or entertainment, it’s a clear response to what we’ve been told you want. If you want to share your email address with us, we promise not to overrun your inbox! It’ll help you stay connected to the programming and the opportunities to get involved in this awesome city and the greater conversation that makes it even better!

About our Hosts

If there’s one thing we value the most at uABQ, it’s our Producers. But a special shout out is due to our hosts. Each show has one or more of these dedicated individuals, and enough can’t be said about their dedication, hard work, and charisma. With any “low to no” budget filmmaking, it takes a unique person to continue showing up with continuous passion, doing the prep work, and executing an entertaining and informative episode. They do it because they believe in their message. It’s fun! They believe they’re putting quality into the world, and they ask for very little in return. They do it because they love it. And we love giving them everything we can to see them (and their shows) succeed!

Be a Producer

Please go to Meetup.com/upublican to sign up for our Orientation. This is the fastest way to get started with uABQ. Be a producer, or simply learn the ropes by volunteering in our free on-the-job training, helping make top notch original content with other locals.

Jump to the Front of the Line!

While we take any and all suggestions for show development, there are definitely some underserved areas of programming in our repertoire. As of Spring 2017, we are in the most need for the following genres: News, Current Events coverage, long-format social commentary, and Instructional/Educational content.  Obviously, we only make what the incoming producers desire to make, but if you or someone you know is interested in making something in these categories, you’ll get top priority!

Give Us Your Feedback

Shoot us an email at uABQtv@gmail.com if you have comments, suggestions, or just want to know more!